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Recycle your bath water

Droughtplug is a unique, patented device for recycling domestic water.

It has been developed in response to the increasing awareness of the need to conserve water, the forecast of ever increasing summer temperatures and to reduce water bills for those on water meters.

Droughtplug is designed to facilitate the siphoning of bath water from the bath for use in the garden, for washing the car or topping up water storage containers at times of high water usage.

The average bath contains over 80 litres of water, which can easily be recycled by replacing the bath plug with the Droughtplug, connecting a hose and siphoning the water from the bath.

Droughtplug is made of recycled and recyclable material in the UK

The Droughtplug Recycling kit consists of the Droughtplug, 2 metres of hose- pipe with an integral siphon pump and standard hose connectors at each end, a double connector to join this hose-pipe to a garden hose-pipe and an “in line” cut-off valve so that the flow of water can be controlled. The cut-off valve can be placed at either end of the garden hose. The kit will retail for around £19.99 ©2007 Droughtplug


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