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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Blog Carnival

Posted by OrganicpicksTeam in : Communities , trackback Two weeks ago, we announced our very first green blog carnival, focusing on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Thanks everyone for participating in this community-based conversation and sharing great personal experience and tips.

Beth from Fake Plastic Fish avoids plastic products (including bags) in general, but offers practical advice on what you can do with old plastic bags. Additionally, not to be missed, she provides comprehensive tips on what recyclable really means to you on a day to day basis. Instead of researching on the web for 10 hours, you can read her great post.

Annette from Crafters Journey shares her 10 crafty ideas on how to recycle greeting cards. Keep them in mind as the holiday months approach.

Tiffany from Nature Mom recommends First Alert Motion Sensing Light Socket for those of us who don’t always remember to turn off our lights.

Todd from We the Change believes individual actions do matter. Imagine if every family signs up with a local energy company that provides 100% renewable power. He also links to a map for you to check local service providers who sell reusable energy.

Reduce, reuse and recycle not only do good for the environment, but also for your pocket book. Scott and Aaron from College and Finance present ways for students to save the environment and their finance. Stephanie from Stop the Ride shares some of the things that she repurposed around the homestead, such as old tire as a swing and old wooden board split as tomato stakes.

In case you want to reduce the usage of plastic bags, and still want to be super stylish, Doris recommends a couple of cool and funky bags.

A big thanks to all the contributors and if you have other ideas to share, please let check out our 3R Blog Carnival for submisson details for our next issue.


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