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PlasticNation INC. will buy your plastic, metal and computer recyclable materials and scrap.

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Plastic Nation Inc has been recycling since 1987. We are experts in recycling. We purchase all types of plastic, metal, computer and electronic waste streams. We provide any and all equipment that is necessary for the collection and recycling of scrap. We currently have countless balers, grinders and drop trailers at many of our suppliers across the country. We handle all the logistics involved in the pick up and handling of your scrap. We offer immediate payment on all the scrap we purchase. We specialize in low end, contaminated and hard to handle materials. Please contact us and let us help solve your recycling needs.

We have two locations where we grind and process materials in Michigan and Georgia. We grind and wash HDPE and PET bottles. We are always looking for additional suppliers of HDPE, PET and 1-7 Commingled bottles. We can also provide clean washed HDPE and PET regrind or pellets. Please contact us for pricing details.


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Garbage/Recycling left by previous tenant by JOHANNA on August 3, 2007 @12:31

I’m a LL and my previous tenant moved out on 7/31. The house was clean and in good condition when they moved out. However, I did not check the contents of the garbage/recycle bins that were left in the garage. The new tenants moved in on 8/2 and are furious that a bag of garbage and a few recycled materials were left in the bins, however the garbage is scheduled to be picked-up on 8/3. The garbage/recycle that was left in the bin was minimal and by no means excessive or spilling out of the bins (or I would have noticed it). I was surprised that the new tenants were so angry at this minor issue, but I advised them I would pay for charges for 1 garbage can and 1 recycle bin to be picked up for the month of August. Should I have handled this differently?

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